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VendSafe™ Anchor Kits   

Wanting a solution to anchor your vending machine to a location to ensure your machine is safe from tipping and to prevent vandals from tipping and trying to move your vending machine?

Try our VendSAFE™ anchor kits. We have 3 types of anchors in our VendSAFE™ range:

VendSAFE™ T1 Anchor

Includes Type-1 Z bracket with hole and slot and includes the masonry anchor. This anchor suits AMS Vending machines.

VendSAFE™ T2 Anchor

Includes Type-2 bracket with hole & slot with ½ nut & masonry anchor to suit the following machines:
VZ/YZ 250/350/450/550 Vending Machines
VCM 5000/4000/3000/2000 Vending Machines
M-Series 5000/4000/3000/2000 Vending Machines

The T2 anchor is available with 6mm or 8mm masonry anchor.

VendSAFE™ T3 Anchor

Includes Type-3 Z bracket with hole & slot with masonry anchor. This anchor suits Crane
Vending machines. The team at VendSigns® designed and manufactured VendSAFE™ anchors for a cost-effective solution to keep your vending machine safe.  The VendSAFE™ anchors are only suitable to secure your vending machine into the subfloor.

Explore our range of VendSAFE™ anchor kits and contact our team if you are unsure what anchor best suits your machine.


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